CORE sees a nation of men negatively impacted by a growing crisis surrounding masculinity. We are expanding the impact of our small group resources which help address this crisis by forming a coalition of like-minded leaders and organizations. Through serving the coalition, and being the primary driver of shared initiatives, CORE will see the Lord fulfill our original vision and mission of transforming men’s culture in ways that we could not have accomplished alone.


CORE envisions a nation of biblically masculine men who love like Jesus. 


CORE unites like-minded leaders to amplify their collective impact. Our mission is to transform men’s culture through brotherhood communities that help men embrace their true identity and purpose. 


The crisis surrounding masculinity and the challenges faced by leaders of men are rapidly increasing. CORE is honored by the impact of the resources we have created to address some of the felt needs of this crisis. In addition to the continued stewardship of our current or future resources, we are collaborating with like-minded organizations and leaders of men to achieve what we couldn’t achieve individually. 

We aim to build and serve a coalition that will address this growing crisis by combining our collective wisdom, influence, and organizational reach to scale the impact of our shared vision. 

As a principal member of the national collective currently referred to as Foxhall, CORE serves as the primary gathering agent, coordinator, communicator, and catalyst for moving our shared objectives forward. 

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