“I have been ministering to and training men around the country for 25 years, and reviewed just about every men’s resource published. CORE is the first one for the 90% of men we don’t have vs. the rest being for the 10% we already have. This is a monumental breakthrough for the Gospel.”

Kenny Luck

“CORE expresses the diversity, the color that’s in Christ.”

Ashton Cumberbatch

You’re going to find a safe place where you can be authentically who you are without judgment from another person.

Kay Hiramine

I’ve been in ministry for over 17 years and I’ve done a ton of men’s studies. We’ve used lots of great material, lots of great video content, but CORE just blows them all away. Nothing else that I’ve ever used has been able to get guys to that authentic level of community that they need in order to grow from, in order to really discover who Christ is.

Kenneth DeHart

Try the CORE group experience.

CORE for Men is a tool that will give a man connection with his brothers, permission to be real, confidence in who he is, and vision for what he’s for. There has never been a more critical time to be equipped with the tools you need to win the battle over your heart and future.



Thousands of men’s small groups have discovered that watching real life stories of authenticity, brokenness and redemption serve as a catalyst for being real with one another about our own stories. 

The REDEEMED and TRANSFORMED series each feature 5 true life videos with an accompanying participant guide.



No matter what happened in your past, God can not only restore you but also use your story for his glory. In this five-session video Bible study, you will hear stories from five well-known men who have been broken and experienced forgiveness and renewal.



God longs for you to be transformed into his image, and one of the most effective methods of becoming like Christ is to be in community with like-minded brothers. In this five-session video Bible study, you will hear stories from six well-known men who have faced real-life challenges and renewed their minds through God’s Word and the brotherhood of other men.


CORE Resources

CORE films and participant guides help create an environment where men can experience breakthrough in some of the most important areas of their lives.

CORE Films

Ten amazing 10 minute films with powerful Participant Guide & follow up reading for each session. Thought provoking, stunning films focused on real people, facing real life challenges.

CORE Discussion Guide

These session group discussion guides are designed to maximize interaction, connection and meaningful discussion.

FREE Study Guide chapter download!


What makes CORE unique?

CORE addresses a man’s isolation and sense of disqualification through the power of community.

Most small group curriculum is designed primarily to deliver new content. The vast majority of men in the church are not struggling with learning new principles, but with how to connect what they already know with how they live.

If a man is isolated and feels disqualified, he will remain emotionally and spiritually stuck


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