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Our vision is to reach leaders of men….



Leaders who run men’s groups

Leaders who care about men and want to take action

You can partner with us to reach thousands of men and their leaders to build a foundation to launch from to an even greater audience.

We have found that, on average, when a leader of men embraces the CORE pathway and resources, they in turn reach, on average, a minimum of fifty other men.

This is just the beginning…our vision is to reach hundreds of thousands. But, this is the critical time to lay the foundation for that.

This includes costs for advertising, staffing, support materials, and laying the groundwork for new films and sessions to come.

Every $25 you give enables us to reach another man. A $25 investment to change a man and positively impact all those in his life….his wife, his kids, his workplace, his church, his community.

We know you desire to be a good steward of your finances. You want your giving to count and make an impact. This is your opportunity to do exactly that.


Join our vision of creating energized lives, families, churches, and communities.

Our vision is to provide resources for leaders of men to help catalyze sustainable, ongoing growth .

Surveys and testimonies from hundreds of men who have experienced the CORE pathway tell us CORE works!

You can give one time or be a monthly giving partner. Be a foundational part of this initiative to change men’s culture. There is no need to continue to have more of the same isolation, guilt and struggle that assault men today.